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Staying in a Charming Hotel in Lucca

Lucca, a must-see destination

Treasure chest of art that it is, the charming Lucca offers a relaxing but at the same time engaging atmosphere. Also known as "The city of 100 churches", the city is characterized by the majesty of its city walls that remain completely intact, within which the tall towers, the bell towers, and the noble palaces built over the centuries all rise together.
 Palazzo Dipinto is a charming hotel in Lucca that boasts of an exclusive location as it is located within walking distance away from the city's major tourist attractions, including the ancient walls, Piazza San Martino, with its majestic Duomo, Piazza del Giglio, Piazza dell'Anfiteatro and Via Fillungo, which is the city's main shopping street. Lucca has a significant strategic position, turning it into an ideal destination to learn about and explore more of the surrounding area, getting in touch with Tuscan culture, its nature, its food, its wine, and all the many attractions. Visiting Lucca...


Admired all over the world for their architectural value, the walls of Lucca are the only example of defensive walls of the modern age that have arrived intact up to our contemporary period. At 12 meters high and 4 kilometers long, today they have lost their defensive value by transforming themselves into a beautiful tree-lined avenue where you can walk, play sports or simply enjoy the beautiful panorama over the roofs of the city.


Piazza Anfiteatro in Lucca is certainly one of the most beautiful squares in Italy. Built starting from 1830 by the architect Nottolini, it follows the ancient layout of the Roman amphitheater. The harmony of Piazza Anfiteatro can be seen immediately and the shops, clubs, outdoor tables and the weekly market make it the heart of the city.


On the multicolored façade of the Duomo of Lucca we can admire the statue of San Martino in the act of sharing his cloak with a poor man. The interior of the Cathedral has three naves and preserves some extraordinary works such as the funeral monument of Ilaria del Carretto, wife of the lord of Lucca Paolo Guinigi, created by Jacopo della Quercia and the ancient crucifix of the Holy Face (or Holy Cross) which would represent the true face of Christ.


The Chiesa di San Michele is located in the square of the same name in the historic center of Lucca where in the past the area of the ancient Roman Forum was concentrated, the hub of the city and a place used for meetings and trade. Situated on the very high façade that rises four meters above the roof, Archangel Saint Michael stands in the act of killing the dragon. According to a legend, on the finger of the statue there is an exceptional diamond that can be seen shining at night.


Lucca is set in an extraordinary panorama, very close to the Versilia sea and only 60 km from Florence. A few minutes from the city center you can encounter the Serchio River Park where you can walk, go canoeing or go trekking. Not far away are the beautiful villages of Montecarlo, Capannori and Altopascio, famous for its bread. Along the course of the Serchio River you’ll come across one of the most important tourist attractions of the area: the Devil's Bridge, an extraordinary architectural feat. After this, but a bit more distant although rich in rivers, lakes, woods and hills, there is the Garfagnana, called "The Green Island" of Tuscany.


Lucchese cuisine, like all Tuscan cuisine, is a poor man’s, genuine cuisine made with local products. Among the first courses, its Lucca’s soups that emerge victorious, such as farro or barley soup or the garmugia (a hearty vegetable and meat soup eaten especially in the spring), but there’s also the farinata (a dense soup of black Tuscan kale, beans and other vegetables like Savoy cabbage), and then the tordelli (fresh meat-filled pasta) or matuffi (soft and hot polenta served with a rich ragù) as well as various vegetable soufflés or savory pies. As for the second courses, there’s stewed rabbit, roasted cod with chickpeas, the classic rovinelle, which are fried beef cuts that are lightly breaded and sautéed in a sauce with tomatoes and capers. Given its rustic genuineness, the Lucca cuisine fully satisfies the desire to "return to tradition".

Tailor made tours

We Selected For You The Best Tourist Guides That Will Take You To Discover The Tuscan Beauty, That Is Beauty Of Perfection, Strictness, Ascetism. Tuscany Has Been Made Famous Trought All Over Thr World By Many Artists, Musicians, Scientists: Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Giotto, Botticelli, Dante Alighieri, Galileo Galilei, Antonio Meucci, Giacomo Puccini, Carlo Collodi, Giovanni da Verrazzano; an endless list of famous Tuscan people to discover with our guides, who will take you in the places where these personalities were born and where they have lived.
For any further information or to book please contact our staff.


Tuscany is considered since a long time as one of the most important wine-making regions, thanks to its production of top quality wines. Tuscany offers several and unmissable opportunities to discover its wine-making areas and to explore them in order to know their features the wine-production style or just to taste a good wine glass.
Chianti is probably the most world famous Tuscan wine denomination, but the wine-making areas in this region are really many: here you can find not only Chianti, where the wines obtained several rewards for their superbe quality, but also the Brunello di Montalcino, the coast areas with the spendid Bolgheri wines (the superb Sassicaia), and Lucca, where the wine-production zones are beetween Montecarlo and Colline Lucchesi.
We selected for you some of the best wine cellars in our region, in order to make you experience something awesome.
For any further information or to book please contact our staff.


Always the olive tree, together with the vine, feature the most typical Tuscan landscape, with its centuries-old history that plunges it roots in the middle-age time and continues trough the Renaissance, until our days.
 To taste wines and oils from our region (and not only), our hotel offers a dedicated wine cellar, were the warm and confortable scenario is enriched by beautiful exposed stones and an ancient well.
 We selected for you the best experts in this field, who will take you to find out the best wines and oils generously produced by our land.
 For any further information or to book please contact our staff.

Truffle hunting: a truffle-finding walk

The truffle hunting in Tuscany is, since a long time, a very much loved activity, thanks to the presence of wide expances of centuries-old oaks, spreading trought the whole territory and facilitating the truffles growing. Under the amazing expanses of oaks, hazelnut trees, pine trees and poplars, some priceless treasures are hiding: the truffles, precious tubers with an unique flavour. The truffle hunting is an activity able to offres great emotions; it consists in a truffle-searching with truffle experts and their mastery trained dogs. This is an amazing experience in which you will be able to have fun, having a walk in the wood and an unmissable chance to practice this ancient art as well. After the outdoor experience you will be able to taste a delicious truffle-based lunch, to a Restaurant we carefully selected, all enriched by our best wines tasting.
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Cooking class

Do you love Italian cuisine? Would you like to know our dishes secrets? We suggest to try to dunk yourself the the magical word of the Tuscan cuisine, both for just an afteroon or for a whole week. Not only great wine and food tasting, but you'll also learn to know the local products by purchasing them at the market or in the small shops and then you'll cook and enjoy them. And when you'll be back from your holiday you'll enjoy to propose to your friends and relative what you learned.
For any further information or to book please contact our staff.


Dolce Vita style Vespa excursions, enjoying the wind among on your hair and the beauty of the Tuscany countryside. And, why not, maybe a quick visit to Pontedera to visit the Piaggio Museum, where the Vespa legend was born.
 For any further information or to book please contact our staff.

Drive in Tuscany

Palazzo Dipinto has the right offer to the motor-lovers: a driving experience to live an unforgettable moment on the roads of our region. Just pick the car you prefere (Ferrari F348ts convertible, Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider, Morgan convertible o Porsche Carrera cabrio) and leave to the discover of Tuscany.
 For any further information or to book please contact our staff.

Bike tour

Our town is the ideal destination for the cyclism lovers; the bike, infact, is the most used means of transport in Lucca. From the amateur cyclist to the cyclo-turist who simply wants to enjoy a quiet ride enjoyng the beauties of the region, everybody will be able to find the ideal itinerary per their on-two-weels adventures. On the road with a race bake or sorrounded by the nature with a mountain bike. We selected for you the best tour guide, to lead you and assist you in your itineraries.
 For any further information or to book please contact our staff.


The golf lovers will be able to reach 4 golf courses in less than 45 minutes from the Hotel. • Tirrenia: Golf Club Tirrenia and Cosmopolitan Golf Club • Forte dei Marmi: Golf club resort • Montecatini Terme: Golf Montecatini Terme
 For any further information or to book please contact our staff.

Fotographic itineraries

Did you ever think about discovering Tuscany by a fotographic itinerary? Or about capturing the best moments of your holiday from some of the most beautiful views? We selected for you the best professionals to lead you in this amazing experience.
 For any further information or to book please contact our staff.

Our staff will be happy to try everything to make sure your stay in lucca will satisfy every request or expectation. We will be glad to help you to plan a tailor made tour for your holiday, according to your desires: if you are art lovers, wine experts or a family looking for relax and glee or simply someone looking for quiet and tranquility, it will be enough for to you ask and the palazzo dipinto staff will satisfy any request of yours.